Camp Charlotte Member Spotlight

William Anthony (Tony) Robinson Awarded SAR highest Award.

Camp Charlotte Compatriot Tony Robinson was presented the Minuteman Award at the National Leadership meeting held in Louisville March 3-6.

Tony’s SAR Bio

  1.       Elected service Tony has served as Vice President General of the Central District in 2014, as a Trustee from the State of Ohio in 2010 as well as the alternate Trustee in 2009.
  2. A member of the Executive committee Tony Served on the board in 2018.
  3. Served as the Vice Chairman of the Patriotic outreach committee for 2 years ending in 2014; then served as the Chairman of the Patriotic Outreach committee for 3 years ending in 2017, then as the chairman of the Social Media committee for 2 years ending in 2019
  4. He has attended 11 National Congresses and 29 Leadership meetings
  5. He was the organizer of Camp Charlotte Chapter
  6. He was the developer of a New National Committee the Social Media Committee
  7. He has been a first line signer of 37 new members
  8. George Washington Fellow,
  9. Center for Advancing America’s Heritage Capital Campaign,
  10. Friend of the Library
  11. Contributor to the SAR Library, donated book- Naval Documents of the American Revolution VOL 6 Donated Jul 22, 2016
  12. Contributor to the SAR Educational Center Purchased one revolutionary bayonet at a cost of $400.00, and a Revolutionary Broiler at a cost of $390.00.                                                             
  13. Contributed to the JROTC Fund 2018 $1000,00
  14. Recipient of Bronze Congress Appreciation Medal, 2010
  15. Recipient of the Patriot Medal May 2010
  16. Recipient Robert E. Burt Boy Scout Volunteer Award 2013,
  17. Recipient of Congress Certificate of Appreciation 2014.,
  18. Recipient National von Steuben Medal 2014.
  19. Recipient of the Liberty Medal July 2008, 2011, and 2013
  20. Recipient of the NSSAR Silver Meritorious Medal 2019
  21. Recipient of the 20-year Membership award
  22. Served on the Eagle Scout committee from 2011 to 2016
  23. Served as Sr. President of the Ohio Society Children of the American Revolution 2018-19
  24. Served as the Aid De Camp for PG. Lindsey Brock
  25. Served on the Color Guard Committee 2011 to present
  26. Served on the Color Guard Medals committee for the Von Steuben and Molly Pitcher awards
  27. Served on the State Presidents Committee 2004-2005

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